Wedding Announcement Letter

We know that marriage is a very auspicious occasion. We love to invite our near and dear ones on this occasion. A wedding announcement letter is written for this purpose to declare the invitation mentioning clearly the date of the wedding, venue of the wedding, about the bride and bridegroom and also the arrangements made. This letter can also be used as a wedding invitation. The wedding announcement letter should express happiness and request the reader to be present on the occasion.





<Sender’s Name>

<Sender’s Address>


Date: (date on which the letter is written)



<Recipient’s Name>

<Recipient’s Address>


Subject: Wedding Announcement Letter to My Relatives and Friends


Dear <Recipients’ first name>,

I am feeling very excited to inform you that I have received a marriage proposal from Mr. Carter Lee, who is a professor at Texas University. He is a very nice human being and his family is very good. Also, my parents have no problem regarding this proposal and they have accepted it as well. I know him for about 6 years now and I have no doubt I can well adjust with him and we will live happily together. His parents often call me for dinner or any other occasion and he has also visited my home and met my parents several times.


I know, it is a letter of great happiness for you since you know me from childhood. The wedding date is fixed and it will be on 14th February 2015. I want to share this happy moment with all of you and so I request you to be present on that day. The venue and other details will be given on the invitation card. Your presence is very important for me on the day of my wedding because I need your blessing to start a new life with my fiancée.


With regards,

Yours sincerely,

<Sender’s Name>

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