Letter Closing

A GUIDE TO LETTER-CLOSING A business letter is a simple way of communication which is a written message from one party to another party to express their feeling and condolence, to complain about something, to thank people, etc. If you are writing a business letter it means that there is something important which you want […]

Circular Letter for Opening a New Branch

Las Vegas Textiles Inc. 9/15 E Bonanza Rd, NV Las Vegas-3678 16th August 2014 Dear Sir,           ‘Las Vegas Textiles Inc. is proliferating’ Las Vegas Textiles Inc. was created in the early 90s by Clark Taylor. Our Company has been manufacturing since then and now we have millions of consumers all over […]

Employment Letter

Employment letter is also called the employment application letter. It is written by the candidate who seeks to acquire a position in the Company. It is always addressed to the HR of the Company who looks after the recruiting procedures. The employment letters like other business letter have to be written in a very formal […]

Announcement of a Job-Related Party

Announcement letter of a job-related party is made to declare the office staffs about a party that is to be held in the office premises. The letter contains the reason, venue, and timing of the party and requests the recipient to attend the party.   Example:-   From, <Sender’s Name> <Designation> <Name of the Company> […]

Death Announcement Letter

Death announcement letter is to inform people about the sad demise of a person. This letter has to be written in a very serious tone expressing the sorrow related to the incident. The details regarding the death should be mentioned. The language of the letter should be very simple and informal.   Example:-   From, […]

Authorization Letter To Attend an Official Meeting on my behalf

If somehow, we are not able to stand in an official meeting, we can authorize someone whom we entrust with the task. Since it is for an office purpose, the language and the format of the letter should be formal. Use salutation if required.   From, <Sender’s Name> <Designation> <Sender’s Address>   Date: (date on […]

Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement Letter

To get work somewhere say big or small is a very difficult thing in today’s world. So while drafting an application for requisition of work one person has to be very…