Retirement Application Letter

Retirement Application Letter

Retirement is a condition when a person permanently leaves his/her organization given that he/she has reached the retirement age laid by the organization. But a retirement letter is written when an employer decides to quit the job on a permanent basis due to a specified reason before the organization gives him a notice regarding this issue.

As we probably are aware authority letters are particularly prevalent nowadays. Some them being enlistment letter, reference letter, end letter and suggestion letter. One of them that are most critical among all the others is retirement letters. This sort of letter is composed by an authority to a senior or senior authority advising him that he has been sans set from all the sort of obligations of the organization.

The letters additionally have many sorts some are composed by to the official who are being r retired and some are composed by the representative requesting retirement. These letters ought to be composed with an additional care and accuracy. Every one of the points of interest ought to be given. Why one individual is requesting a retirement, this fundamental question ought to be legitimately addressed while composing a letter requesting retirement.

Advice on how to write the Letter of Retirement

  • What all to write

When you leave from your occupation, it’s vital to leave nimbly and professionally. Give satisfactory notice to your boss, compose a formal abdication letter, and be set up to proceed onward before presenting your retirement.

  • How to say Good bye

You have found another occupation and you’re prepared to give two-weeks’ notice to your present business. Here’s the manner by which to deal with your flight.

  • Retirement Do’s and Don’ts

In what manner, would it be a good idea for you to leave from your occupation? What about what you shouldn’t do when handing over your renunciation? This is what you ought to (and what you shouldn’t) do when leaving your employment.

Why one should write a Retirement Letter?

A letter of retirement is composed to report to HR, bosses, and colleagues your purpose to leave your present position. A retirement letter is a short letter formally exhorting your manager that you are leaving your occupation.

It is amiable to send this letter out well ahead of time (particularly as required by contract), with two weeks being, for the most part, acknowledged as the base.

You never know when you may require that past boss to give you a reference, so it bodes well to require the investment to compose a cleaned and expert renunciation letter. Your abdication letter additionally gives official notice that you’re firing your work with the organization.

Types of Retirement Letters

The accompanying is general retirement letters that can be utilized for any conditions. They are short and to the point.

  • Two Weeks’ Notice
  • Fundamental
  • Formal
  • General Letter of Resignation
  • New Job
  • Individual Reasons
  • Basic
  • Email Resignation Message
  • Brief Job
  • Much obliged to You
  • Getting Married
  • Travel
  • Volunteer
  • With a Reason
  • With Regret
  • Leaving from a Board
  • Left a Place of employment Email Message Example
  • Test Letter from Manager Accepting Resignation

Retirement Request Letter Writing Tips:

  • The letter ought to be altogether checked for a spelling or syntactic mix-up. It is a letter that is composed by an expert, and henceforth missteps are not satisfactory.
  • The letter ought to demonstrate a feeling of regard as it is composed to a senior.
  • The letter ought to give all sort of insights with respect to the instalment.
  • Talk about your retirement in person first- In a perfect world, you will have as of now advised your manager you plan to resign. This letter ought to simply be your formal notice.
  • Give a date-Right on time in the letter, give a particular date for your retirement. This will help both you and your boss abstain from putting off your retirement.
  • Specify your triumphs at the organization –You should seriously think about succinctly helping your manager to remember the esteem you added to the organization throughout the years. In any event, incorporate the quantity of years you worked for the organization to help your supervisor to remember your times of administration.
  • Express appreciation-A retirement letter is a perfect place to thank your supervisor for an extraordinary work involvement. In the event that you are despondent with your employment for any reason, your tone ought to at present be proficient and genial.
  • Help the organization move-You might need to offer to help the organization move and enrol a substitution. For instance, you may offer to impart some of your insight to the new contract. Notwithstanding, this is not required.
  • Offer potential proposition- On the off chance that you need, you may offer to keep working in some little path after your retirement. For instance, you may to do periodic or low maintenance work. Be that as it may, in a perfect world, you will have talked about these choices with your supervisor in person first.
  • Send the letter to HR-Send a duplicate of the letter to Human Resources. This will help you to stay away from any issues with getting your advantages as you move to retirement.
  • Give contact data- In the event that you are moving, give your supervisor another address. On the off chance that you have an organization email address, give another, individual email address.
  • Tailor your letter- While you can utilize the letter test beneath as a beginning stage, make sure to tailor the letter to fit your own conditions.
  • The letter ought to say the terms of the beneficiary’s administration.


Sample of Retirement Letter


__________ (Name of the sender)

__________ (assignment of the sender)

__________ (Address of the sender)

Date: __________ (Date the letter is composed by the sender)


__________ (Name of the recipient)

__________ (Designation of the recipient)

__________ (Address of the recipient)

Subject: Letter asking for wilful retirement by the sender

Regarded Sir,

This letter is composed to request a deliberate retirement from your organization. It has been very nearly two decades working with your organization. You realize that I am getting old and I need to invest some energy with my family.

According to my everything installment subtle elements, it has as of now been cleared up. I trust my demand will be cared for by you. Saying thanks to You.

Yours Sincerely,

Name and mark

Tips and Points

  • There can be many reasons when it comes to retiring from a particular job. These reasons be like-
  1. Health Issues
  2. Change of Location
  3. Any Unavoidable conditions


  • Retirement letter writing pattern can be formal or informal depending upon the relationship between the employer and the employee.
  • Give the reason of retirement and elaborate the point so as to make it effective.
  • Give some nice comments related to your organization and other employees.

Sample Retirement Application Letter


How to write a Retirement Application Letter?



Name of the employee,


Address of the employee

Date: (Date of writing the letter)


Name of the employer,


Name of the company,

Address of the Company

Sub: Letter requesting voluntary retirement

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been servicing in your company for the last 30 years. Now, that I am becoming aged, there seems to arise a few health problems that are unpreventable. Due to this, I have decided to leave this residence and go back to my old house. I am writing this letter asking you to grant a voluntary retirement concerning this issue.

I am proud enough to say that I have worked in an organization with outstanding atmosphere and very friendly colleagues. It is definitely a sad moment for me and I will feel the absence of my friends and you. I will always remember the love, compassion, and help I have got in these years of my life. But I have no other option as my health is deteriorating. I am sure that you will understand this and look after the matter for further positive steps.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,



Name of the employee

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