Insurance Claim Letter

An insurance claim letter is generally written to ask for the compensation due to the damage caused or the loss of a person.

Insurance claim letter can be written on various grounds varying from people to objects to animals.

Give details of the damage or inconvenience caused mentioning the damage date, date of making the policy, policy number etc.

You can also attach the supporting documents as a proof.

Sample Letter #1


<Sender’s Name>

<Sender’s Address>

<Contact Details>

Date: (date of writing the letter)


<Recipient’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

<Address of the Company>

Subject: Insurance Claim Letter

Dear Mr. /Ms. <Recipient’s Name>,

I am filing a claim on my automobile insurance to compensate the damage caused to my car due to the heavy storm that occurred last night. My policy number is XXXXX and the date of making the policy is 3/4/2010.

My car was parked in an open space since I have no garage. Due to the heavy storm that occurred last night on 4/06/2012, a big tree fell down on the roof of my car causing huge damage to the roof as well as the windshield. I am enclosing three repair estimates and the required documents along with this letter. I am looking forward to a quick response.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully,


<Sender’s Name>

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