Business Letter to Strengthen Relationship with Client

These types of business letters are written by the owner of an organization to its clients for ordering any services. Thus, these letters strengthen the connection between the client and the organization. The tone of such letters should be polite, encouraging thereby, creating a positive impact on the client or customer. Such letters are usually short, precise and easily understandable.

Sample Example:-


<Recipient’s Name>


<Recipient’s Address>

Date: (date of writing letter)

Dear Mr. /Ms. <Recipient’s Name>,

This is to inform you that for the last few months there is a substantial decrease in the number of employees working in our Company. For the recent job profile that has been mentioned to you before, we are not getting the required employers for our Company. As our Recruitment Partner, I would like to tell you to try your best and to give me more employees on the mentioned job profile by 25th of this month.

For any other information related to it, please feel free to call me. We, trust your firm and we hope you will be able to do it.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



<Sender’s Name and Designation>

<Name of the Company>  

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