Business Letter Related to the Launch of a New Product

These letters are written to the frequent customers by a company to make them aware of the new product launched by the company. The language of the letter should be very polite and formal.


Sample Example:-


<Customer’s Name>

<Customer’s Address>

Date: (date of writing the letter)

Dear Mr. /Ms. <Customer’s Name>,

You are one of our frequent customers and we are happy to inform you that our Company has launched a new product, <detail of the product launched> that are now available in the market.

We are sending a booklet containing the detailed information and images of our new product. Also, you can visit our website and have a look at our new product launched.

We assure you that the quality of the product is unquestionable. You will be always happy to use this product. We would like to request you to use this product for once and look at the service it gives to you. We would also like to know your opinion about the product.

We wish to get a quick reply from you.

Yours Sincerely,



<Sender’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

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