Business Introduction Letter

Business introduction letters serve as an introduction of the business or the company and its services to its clients, customers, and other groups that are a part of the business. Just like other business letters, these letters are also written in a formal, polite and precise way giving a brief introduction of the business.


Sample Example:-


<Recipient’s Name>

<Recipient’s Address>

Date: (date of writing the letter)

Subject: Introducing the Art Plot, a beautiful home decoration company.

Dear Mr. /Ms. <Recipient’s Last Name>,

We are a government certified home decoration company in the country. We have started our company in the 90s. Now we are a leading company competing with the biggest companies in the country and also abroad. We have several branches abroad as well. We have many customers today and soon we will prove ourselves to be one of the best home décor companies in the country. We assure our customers to give the best service and we have sustained in the long run only because of the trust and reliability that our customers have on us.

We are enclosing a catalog along with this letter.

We would love to get a reply from you. Please feel free to call us for any queries.

Yours Sincerely,



<Sender’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

<Address of the Company>

<Contact details>

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