Circular letter Instructing employees to report on time for duty

The Wilkin and Turbo Private Inc.

3205 Cody Ridge Road, Grandfield

OK 73546

8th October 2010

Dear Employees,

After an observation of 1 month, it has been noticed that the employee of our company is coming up too late. They are coming to the office at their own time without maintaining the office time. This is to inform you that it has been included in the company rules and regulations to arrive at the office within the office time. If you go against this rule your salary will be deducted 5% on each late arrival. The entry time of the company is 10.30a.m and all the employees should be at their respective places by 10.35a.m, a grace of 5 minutes will be allowed. Any delay after 10.35a.m will not be entertained and it will be against our rules and regulations. Punctuality is one of the important things and we hope that all the employees will definitely follow this new rule and co-operate with us for the success of the Company.


President, The Wilkin and Turbo Private Inc.

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