Authorization Letter to Bank

Such letters are written as a proof of your permission given to the concerned organization to permit someone else to handle money in your bank account. Authorization letter is written to avoid any complications or controversies in the transactions. Use salutation while writing an authorization letter to Bank.



<Sender’s Name>

<Sender’s Address>


Date: (date on which the letter is written)



<Recipient’s Name>


<Name of the Bank>

<Address of the Bank>

Re: Account Number XXXXXX


Dear Mr. /Ms. <Recipient’s Name>,

I would like to inform you that Mr. Edward Wood is authorized to act on my behalf regarding the account mentioned above from 20th August till 29th August this year. I will be out of the country for some office work. During the above-mentioned dates, Mr. Wood is authorized to carry any sort of transactions.


I am giving you my emergency number in case any problem arises regarding this issue in my absence. My emergency number is XXXXXXXXXX and you are free to call on this number anytime.


Yours sincerely,



<Sender’s Name>

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