Authorization Letter

What is an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter states a person’s rank, authority, and ability and gives official permission to someone or an organization to perform a task. These letters are written in the business letter format.

There are basically two types of authorization letter.

Type I- You are giving someone authority to do something that is beneficial to you.

Type II- You are giving someone responsibilities to carry out a task on your behalf.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Mention clearly, the things you want the reader to do.
  2. Avoid creating room to any kind of confusion.
  3. Avoid using complicated words. This can create difficulty in understanding.
  4. Use a positive but gentle tone.
  5. Use salutation.
  6. Always express professionalism through your letter.


Sample Letters to Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter To Attend an Official Meeting on my behalf

If somehow, we are not able to stand in an official meeting, we can authorize someone whom we entrust with the task. Since it is for an office purpose, the language and the format of the letter should be formal. Use salutation if required.   From, <Sender’s Name> <Designation> <Sender’s Address>   Date: (date on […]

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Authorization Letter to Bank

Such letters are written as a proof of your permission given to the concerned organization to permit someone else to handle money in your bank account. Authorization letter is written to avoid any complications or controversies in the transactions. Use salutation while writing an authorization letter to Bank.   From, <Sender’s Name> <Sender’s Address>   […]

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Authorization Letter To Sign on my Behalf

These letters authorize someone to sign on an important and legal document on behalf of someone else. Use salutation here and a formal language.   From, <Sender’s Name> <Sender’s Address>   Date: (date on which the letter is written)   To, <Recipient’s Name> <Designation> <Recipient’s Address>   Subject: Authorization letter to sign on my documents […]

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