Visa Application Letter

Visa Application Letter

A visa application letter is written to an official person in charge of the matters related to visa, requesting him to grant permission for a certain sensitive issue.

Tips on How to write a Visa Application Letter

  • Binds to Home Country:

Under US law, all candidates for non-immigrant visas are seen as planning settlers until they can persuade the consular officer that they are most certainly not. You should subsequently have the capacity to demonstrate that you have purposes behind coming back to your nation of origin that are more grounded than those for staying in the United States. “Ties” to your nation of origin are the things that quandary you to the place where you grew up, country, or current place of living arrangement: work, family, monetary prospects that you possess or will acquire, speculations, and so forth. On the off chance that you are an imminent undergrad, the talking officer may get some information about your particular goals or guarantee of future work, family or different connections, instructive destinations, grades, long-ago plans, and profession prospects in your nation of origin. Every individual’s circumstance is distinctive, obviously, and there is no enchantment clarification or single archive, endorsement, or letter which can ensure visa issuance.


  • English:

Anticipate that the meeting will be directed in English and not in your local dialect. One proposal is to practice English discussion with a local speaker before the meeting. On the off chance that you are going to the United States exclusively to study concentrated English, be set up to clarify how English will be helpful for you in your nation of origin.


  • Represent Yourself:

Do not carry guardians or relatives with you to the meeting. The consular officer needs to meeting you, not your family. A negative impression is made in the event that you are not set up to talk all alone benefit. In the event that you are a minor applying for a secondary school program and need your folks there in the event that there are inquiries, for instance, about subsidizing, they ought to hold up in the holding up room.


  • Know the Program and How It Fits Your Career Plans:

If you are not ready to verbalize the reasons you will think about in a specific program in the United States, you may not prevail with regards to persuading the consular officer that you are without a doubt wanting to examine, instead of to move. You ought to likewise have the capacity to clarify how contemplating in the United States identifies with your future expert profession when you return home.


  • Be Concise:

Because of the volume of utilizations got, every consular officer is under impressive time weight to lead a brisk and proficient meeting. They should settle on a choice, generally, on the impressions, they frame amid the main moment or two of the meeting. Subsequently, what you say first and the underlying impression you make are basic to your prosperity. Keep your responses to the officer’s inquiries short and to the point.


  • Supplemental Documentation:

It ought to be clear initially to the consular officer what composed records you are introducing and what they connote. Extensive composed clarifications can’t be rapidly perused or assessed. Keep in mind that you will have 2-3 minutes of meeting time, in case you’re fortunate.


  • Not All Countries are Equal:

Applicants from nations experiencing financial issues or nations where numerous understudies have stayed in the United States as migrants will have more trouble getting visas. Measurably, candidates from those nations will probably be expecting outsiders. They are additionally more inclined to be gotten some information about openings for work at home after their review in the United States.


  • Business: 

Your fundamental reason for going to the United States ought to be to examine, not for the opportunity to work before or after graduation. While numerous understudies do work off-grounds amid their reviews, such business is accidental to their primary motivation behind finishing their US training. You should have the capacity to unmistakably express your arrangement to return home toward the finish of your program. In the event that your mate is likewise applying for a going with F-2 visa, know that F-2 wards can’t, under any conditions, be utilized in the United States. On the off chance that asked, be set up to address what your companion means to do with his or her time while in the United States. Charitable effort and going to class low maintenance are allowed exercises.


  • Words Remaining at Home:

If your mate and youngsters are staying behind in your nation, be set up to address how they will bolster themselves in your nonattendance. This can be a particularly dubious zone on the off chance that you are the essential wellspring of salary for your family. On the off chance that the consular officer picks up the feeling that your relatives will require you to dispatch cash from the United States to bolster themselves, your understudy visa application will more likely than not be denied. On the off chance that your family decides to go along with you at a later time, it is useful to have them apply at a similar post where you connected for your visa.


  • Keep up a Positive Attitude:

Do not connect with the consular officer in a contention. In the event that you are denied an understudy visa, approach the officer for a rundown of records he or she would recommend you get a request to conquer the refusal, and attempt to get the reason you were denied in composing.


Sample of Visa Letter


Jim and Madeline Newton                            Macy Newton
73 Savannah Court                                      114 Lime Grove
Washington, DC 20002                                Montego Bay, St. Mary’s Parish
Home: 202-555-1212                                   Jamaica, West Indies
Work: 202-555-2121

Subject: Invitation to visit me in the U.S.

Dear Mom and Uncle Jim:

I might want to expand this welcome for you both to come and visit me in the United States for three months. It beyond any doubt would be decent to see you both. Amid your stay, we will take two weeks and take a street outing to different places, for example, Philadelphia and New York City.

I will cover the majority of your money related obligations including going to and from the United States, go to and from goals we will visit, suppers, and lodging. You will remain with me at my home situated at the previously mentioned address when we’re not out and about. I will reserve a spot for motels for our street trip.

You will love it! Furthermore, I can hardly wait to see you.


Macy Newton



2nd Sample Visa Application Letter


            How to write a Visa Application Letter?



<Visa Applicant’s Name>

<Visa Applicant’s Address>

<Contact Information>


Date: (date of writing the letter)



<Visa Officer’s Name>

Visa Officer

<Visa Officer’s Address>

<Contact Information>


Subject: Requesting For Withdrawal of Visa Application


Dear (Name of the Visa Officer),

I would like to bring to your kind notice that I have applied for my Indian visa on 10th March 2015. My passport number is XXXXXXX and my file number is XXXXXX. But due to some personal problems I have decided to stay in my country this year. For this reason, I request you to withdraw my case and return my original documents. I apologize for this harassment and I would like to appreciate the time you have given in going through my documents.


Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,



(Name of the Visa Applicant)

Special Points


  • A visa application letter should be written in a very formal way.
  • Give the details of your documents like passport no.
  • Give details of you.
  • Use a soft tone.


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