Transfer Application Letter

Transfer Application Letter

A transfer application letter is written by an employer to an employee who is to be shifted from one branch to another branch without any change in status, within the same company. It is not about requesting the concerned person but justifying the necessity decided by the company. If a transfer application letter is forwarded the person is bound to accept it as an order or else the employee can write a letter requesting the company if he/she has any problem regarding this matter.

 1 out of 3 college students who sign up in either a 4-yr or 2-year university will probably transfer at some point, in line with a document issued by using the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

If you are one of these college students shifting schools, or colleges we offer a useful opportunity in an effort to present yourself to admissions officials—and the one piece of your utility over which you have the total manage.

Transfer application is one such document you submit while you wish to transfer from one stream to another, or join a new class leaving the previous or you wish to get transferred to some other branch of school/college.

Remember, you’re now not the simplest one looking for to write the best transfer application to the college you’re concentrating on. Transfer programs are up and the variety of students seeking to switch is increasing.


Use the primary paragraph as an possibility to reveal academic heft and attention. For an example lets see this context:

After the understanding of rich depth of poetry and literature training, dialogue, and mentoring at some point of high school, X College feels like a step backwards—there may be no poet-in-residence, no elegance in Creative Writing, and scant college students who share my hobby in poetry. X College prizes it’s tight cognizance on economics, records, and government at the fee of other packages. The phrases “Lit Major” are spoken with a moderate turn of the lip.

Plan for the “Why are You Transferring” this query that appears on all switch applications. Don’t let your modern school feel something about the social scene; as an alternative cognizance on why the college isn’t a splendid educational suit for you.

Make your application remarkable and specific. The application that stand out are commonly those who approach the reason from an unusual attitude or follow the reader’s interests from formative years by means of illuminating a particular vignette. Be concise and SHOW don’t TELL. As a switch scholar, it’s for your first-class interest to put in writing about something that has passed off within the past year or so at the same time as you have been in college.

Organize! Decide exactly what traits you want to strain then make certain your essay is based to spotlight those developments. Be cautious, but, of writing a chronological essay. You might begin there, but then pass lower back and remodel it so it’s not a mini autobiography.

While the private declaration is simplest one in many of the factors we don’t forget while making a holistic admission decision, it helps provide context for the relaxation of your utility. We inspire you to use those aspects of your life that aren’t obvious from your transcripts.  In offering the “backdrop” for your instructional achievements and picks, describe your passions and commitments, your dreams, a non-public assignment confronted, a trouble triumph over, or the cultural awareness you’ve gained.  Tell us your tale.  Be concise, however inform the complete tale (even in case you want a little extra space).

Do not clearly restate what can already be visible in your transcript. However, you ought to use your personal assertion to provide an explanation for any questionable objects, attendance gaps, or downward grade traits to your transcripts. Point out what befell, what you’ve got modified to enhance the state of affairs, and every other applicable information you watched we need to be aware of in making an admission selection.


Personal statements too frequently include sentences including, “I’ve continually wanted to be a Husky” or “My entire own family attended the UW.” Though this may be critical to you in my view, such reasons aren’t specifically treasured because they don’t tell us whatever special approximately your reviews and remaining desires.

Transfer college students are recommended to talk about especially why the Bothell campus is of interest, as opposed to the UW in widespread, and especially why they are inquisitive about their supposed major.

If you are applying to transfer from any other four-year college, you’ll need to explain why you have got made this selection, and mainly why completing your diploma at UW Bothell is a higher choice for you than staying in which you are (or have been).


Your Personal Statement should mirror the revel in and maturity of a person who has already attended a college.  It have to mirror your know-how of the additives of an undergraduate education, consisting of trendy schooling and the essential. We want to study how your academic and personal enjoy up to now – in concrete, specific methods – fits into your academic, career, and personal desires.

Content as well as form, spelling, grammar, and punctuation may be considered.  Your personal announcement need to replicate your own ideas and be written via you by myself, however others you believe — own family, teachers and buddies — can offer precious feedback and proofreading help.  It can also be helpful to have a person study your assertion out loud to you to peer the way it sounds.

Consider the usage of the non-compulsory “Additional Comments” segment of the software in case you would like to give an explanation for something with precise significance to you which you had been now not capable of deal with in any of the alternative writing sections of the software, or if telling us your story calls for extra than 650 phrases.  For example, use this segment if:

You have skilled hardships in accomplishing your education. This can consist of illness or harm, common actions, getting to know disability, non-public or familial problem, and many others.

To explain low grades or downward or erratic grade trend. Your activities were constrained due to lack of resources, family responsibilities or otherwise.


Here is the sample format to write a transfer application.




Subject – transfer application letter

Dear ________ (name)

I am_________ (name) working with your organisation  _________ (name of the organisation) as a _______ (designation) .I am writing this letter to you to request you to transfer me at our Thane branch as I am getting married and my matrimonial house is in Thane. I have been very good at the existing branch and promise to work very hard at the Thane branch as well. I hope you will consider me for this transfer and you do the needful. I will be very happy of you do the same at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,

Thanking You.



Some tips to remember:

  • You have to use very polite words, as you are requesting for transfer.
  • Write in a very professional style
  • Do not go for precise application. Try to write it simple and short.
  • The reason for transfer is a must mention.  You have to be sure and [provide assurance of providing great performance at the new place.
  • Never disrespect about the present branch/college you are presently and show your need of change and that you are helpful.

Tips and Points


  • The letter should be written in formal language as it is an official letter.
  • The reason for the transfer should be very specific, brief and precise.
  • The letter should convey the necessity and urgency in applying the same.
  • Make it clear that it is not a request but an order placed in a polite manner.
  • After completing the letter revise the letter thoroughly to avoid any kind of errors.



Sample Transfer Application Letter


How to write a Transfer Application Letter?



<Name of the sender>


<Company Name>

<Address of the company>


<Name of the employee>

<Address of the employee>

Date: (date of writing the letter)

Subject: Letter for Job Transfer

Dear <Name of the sender>,

You have been a valuable resource to our organization from the very beginning. Your work and progress has been brilliant for these years. As you already know that the Supervisor at our main office in Delhi is ready to get retired from the very next month, I would like to bring your kind attention that the company has decided to transfer you at our Delhi headquarter based on your performance in these years.

As per your transfer has been concerned, your salary will be increased by XXXX (details of salary increase). Also, the company will give you 15 days break to relocate and settle down in a new area.

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Best Regards,



Sender’s Name


Name of the Company

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