Application Letter

 What Does An Application Letter Mean?

An application letter is an official letter that is commonly used in any organizations. It is a single-page letter that is attached with the resume or any important documents. It states the position or the matter for which a person is applying and his suitability for the same. The format is same as a business letter.

The application letter should start with a brief introductory paragraph that is catchy to the readers. The application letter should display the additional qualities of the employee or the candidate, for example, highlighting the academic excellence or qualifications, positive points, work experience, accomplishments, projects they have worked on. The letter has to be framed in such a way so as to display the special qualities of the candidate giving reasons to the recipient to hire them for a particular position or further processes.

Why Do We Need An Application Letter?

An application letter serves as a formal envelope to the resume and other important documents. It gives an elaborate structure of why you are attaching the resume, which position you are applying and the source from where you have got to know about the particular field. It is always necessary to attach an application letter with your documents because it serves as a brief introduction to your employer or the recipient.

In case it is not mentioned to write an application letter but there is no boundary created by the company in writing the same, you can always write an application letter.

It is always suggested to write an application letter since it is a necessary thing aimed to benefit the applicant.

Application Letter Vs. Cover Letter

Though in some letters application letter is synonymous to a cover letter, still there are some basic differences between the two.

  • A cover letter basically contains a few sentences giving a brief introduction regarding the student and why they are applying for the specific profile. As the name suggests, it is just a cover which accompanies other documents.
  • An application letter, on the other hand, is a long, single-page letter that elaborates the profile of the candidate and specifies the reason for hiring them. It elaborates the qualities and the strengths that are in the resume.

Types Of Application Letters

Application letters are formally written letters which can be used anywhere to apply for a specific reason. Hence, a number of such letters can be made depending on the reason for which you are applying. Some of the types are listed as follows:

  • Leave Application Letter
  • Job Application Letter
  • Scholarship Application Letter
  • Retirement Application Letter
  • Visa Application Letter
  • Transfer Application Letter

Application Letter – Do’s And Don’ts


  1. Always write a brief introductory paragraph so that the receiver can get an idea by the first glance itself.
  2. Make it concise.
  3. Always highlight your positive points and why you are applying for this job. Make it action oriented.
  4. Mention that you have met the requirements of the company.
  5. Always use user-friendly language, addressing only the employer’s need, without repetitions.
  6. Always start the letter with a salutation like “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name”.
  7. Write a concluding paragraph to make it better.
  8. At the end of the letter, you should give your signature, handwritten, followed by your typed name. In the case of an email, simply give your typed name, followed by your contact details.


  1. Do not write more than 2-3 paragraphs.
  2. Do not write unnecessary things. Always make it to the point and brief.
  3. Do not use stereotyped sentences.
  4. Avoid error. Edit it after completing it, if you feel it is needed.
  5. Do not send any duplicate copy. Always send the original typed copy.

Tips And Points To Be Followed

  1. Start the letter with a brief introductory paragraph.
  2. Specify the place from where you got to know the domain.
  3. Give reasons mentioning that you have met the required conditions.
  4. Mention your strengths, achievements, experiences, qualifications to showcase that hiring you will be beneficial to the company.
  5. Make it different from the resume.
  6. Make sure that the language is appealing to the reader.

Sample Letters to Application Letter

Scholarship Application Letter

Scholarship Application Letter

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Transfer Application Letter

Transfer Application Letter

A transfer application letter is written by an employer to an employee who is to be shifted from one branch to another branch without any change in status, within the same company. It is not about requesting the concerned person but justifying the necessity decided by the company. If a transfer application letter is forwarded […]

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Visa Application Letter

Visa Application Letter

A visa application letter is written to an official person in charge of the matters related to visa, requesting him to grant permission for a certain sensitive issue. Tips on How to write a Visa Application Letter Binds to Home Country: Under US law, all candidates for non-immigrant visas are seen as planning settlers until […]

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