Apology Letter

What do you mean by an Apology Letter?

We, as human beings, often commit mistakes. Later we repent and feel remorse for what we have done. In this case, we can always write a letter of apology, thereby, admitting our fault and saying sorry. A letter of apology should be written in a genuine and sincere tone.

None of us is perfect. We all make an incredible amount of mistakes in our life. Mistakes are such things that are bound to happen, no matter how careful you are. But whatever mistakes we make, we should always try to mend them up. Making mistake is one thing. Making a mistake and not amending it is a greater offense. And how best to mend your mistakes than by writing an Apology Letter.

Before sitting down to write an apology letter, there are a few things that you need to take care of. It is very important for you to be clear regarding the kind of mistake that you have made. Unless you are clear about that, you can never jot down a personal or business apology letter. If you want to show that you are truly sorry and value the relationship with the opposite party then, don’t let much time pass before you write and send the letter. Do it as soon as possible. That is much better than delaying it. The more you delay, the less sincere you apology becomes. And the opposite party gets the feeling that you are sending an apology just for the sake of it. This would never help you to rebuild the relationship with the person that you have hurt. Always try to resolve the situation as per the best of your knowledge. Make use of all available options and try to clarify the points of the argument. Reach a reasonable conclusion which you know would be acceptable to the other party.

Here we provide you a detailed analysis on do’s and don’ts of writing an apology letter. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

How to Write a Personal Apology Letter?

First things first. Whenever you sit down to write an apology letter, the first thing is you should know how to write one, right? There are certain important things that you should always keep in mind while writing an apology letter:

  • Narrate the incident: When you start the letter, always start with the story. Try to be as accurate as possible in laying down the scenario or situation that led you to behave the way you did and the reason you need to apologize for. Sometimes, the reason is never clear and people end up getting more hurt.
  • Taking responsibility: Through the letter do not ever try to put the blame on others. Be a man (or woman) and accept your mistakes. There’s no shame in that, is there? It’s hard for people to accept their mistakes but when such a situation arise where you know that it was your fault, you should just take it up and apologize for upfront. People would respect you for that.
  • Resolving the situation: Always try to resolve the situation as per the best of your knowledge. Make use of all available options and try to clarify the points of the argument. Reach a reasonable conclusion which you know would be acceptable to the other party.
  • Assurance: The main reason for writing an apology letter is to make sure that you never repeat the mistake again. This should be crystal clear in the letter. Throughout the letter, assure the opposite party that you would never repeat the mistake again.
  • Request to meet personally: It is always better to face up you peers and accept your mistakes than saying the same over the phone or via a letter. Sure a letter helps to ease up the tension but meeting in person and apologizing serves a better and respectful purpose. It shows that you care. Always mention in your letter that you are ready to meet at a neutral place and put past the differences that have occurred.
  • Letter closing: You should always have an apologetic tone throughout the letter, especially towards the end. Apologize repeatedly and show them that their forgiveness matters to you.
  • Print or handwritten: It is not always necessary to print or type out the apology letter.  You can even give a hand written note. Moreover, handwritten notes give a personal touch and really shows that you care about the opposite person or party.
  • Sincerely apologize: While you are apologizing in the letter, make sure that the opposite person is not offended by something you say. You are the one to apologize. And that should be done in a way that he/she forgives you, not get more mad at you!

How to Write a Business Apology Letter?

There are some important things that you should always keep in mind while writing an apology letter. Be it to a single person or a group of people, the following points should always be kept in mind:

  • If you are writing an apology letter for a business, then it is preferable to print it out. It gives a professional aura about you and shows your business side. Also, a business letter does not demand a personal touch. Hence, the print version.
  • If you are printing out the apology letter, then it is preferable to use conventional fonts like Times Roman. You can, of course, use other fonts of your likeness, but try to keep a formal and professional look. Also, be sure to print out the same on a high-quality paper. You want to seem sincere, don’t you?
  • For both a personal and business apology letter, the starting rules are the same. Start by saying sorry and accepting your mistakes. Carry the same apologetic tone throughout the letter.
  • If you think that you have a valid reason for the mistake then you owe an explanation for your sake. Explain to them why you did what you did.
  • Even in a business apology letter, always try to resolve the situation as per the best of your knowledge. Make use of all available options and try to clarify the points of the argument. Reach a reasonable conclusion which you know would be acceptable to the other business party.
  • In the business apology letter also, maintain an apologetic tone. Try to end the letter with a sincere apology and express your gratitude towards the opposite person for taking the time out of their busy schedule to listen to your apology.

How to Form Your Apology?

Now that you know the basic points to be remembered while writing an apology letter, let us deep dive into how to form the apology letter. You will need to understand the reason you ought to ask for forgiveness and the gravity of the situation that demands your apology.

We will go through the format through sequential questions:

  • What your letter is all about?

Whenever there was a situation that gave birth to the need of drafting an apology letter, try to run through the entire situation before sitting down to jot down the letter. Try to understand the situation and frame a draft in your head about the necessary points that you need to include in the letter. The letter should include both your point of view and the opposite party’s point of view. If you have a reason/argument supporting the way you behaved, then mention it clearly throughout the entire letter.

  •   What is your mistake?

Getting ready to write an apology letter shows that you have decided to acknowledge your mistakes. A mentioned earlier, this demands that you state your mistake clearly in the letter. Accept it without any shame. Remember that this will not make you look small but increase the respect of you in front of the other party. People find it hard to accept their own mistakes, and the one that does it is very much respected.

  • Did you upset the concerned party with your deeds?

If you answer to the above question is yes, the try to find out how to hurt the opposite party is. Knowing the gravity of the situation you have generated would make it easy for you to decide the words that you should jot down in your apology letter. You can mention the deepness in your apology based on the pain that you have inflicted on the other person or party.

  • Should you offer a solution and call it even?

Absolutely! It is of tremendous importance that you stay humble and try to find a solution to the problem that has arisen. Be proactive and be the first to extend a friendly hand towards the other person or party. Don’t think it would hurt your self-respect. It would, in fact, do the opposite. Accepting your mistake, offering a solution, and calling it even would help you to mend the relationship with the person that you hurt.

  • Should you show that you are interested in further acquaintance with the person?

You should be careful to not aggravate the situation that is already present. Don’t throw dry logs into a burning fire. This means that while being apologetic, don’t say something that would further hurt the opposite party. Be humble and give no sign that would close the doors for further future communications.

Apology Letter- Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Start the letter with a sorry.
  2. Write the reason for apology.
  3. Repeat the apology.
  4. Try to make amendments if it is possible.
  5. Assure the person that you will not repeat the same mistake in future.
  6. The tone of the letter should be sincere and genuine.


  1. Do not use a harsh tone.
  2. Do not create any errors.

Types of Apology Letters

Basically, there are two types of apology letters categorized on the basis of formats. They are:

  • Personal Apology Letter
  • Business Apology Letter

Let us discuss the two types in details.

  • Personal Apology Letter

A personal apology letter is written to someone with whom the sender shares a close bonding. It is not necessary to write a personal apology letter in the business letter format. Always give a personal touch to it and write in an informal language. These letters are always handwritten.

  • Business Apology Letter

Business apology letters are always written in the business letter format. These types of letters are written between organizations or to someone official and are used for official purposes. Hence, the letter has to be written in the formal language with a gentle tone. Business apology letters should be always written in a print form on a good quality paper.

Sample Examples of Personal Apology Letter

  • Apology Letter to Aunt
  • Sorry Letter to your Sister
  • Apology Letter for Damage Done by Your Child/Pet

Sample Examples of Business Apology Letter

  • Apology Letter for a Billing Error

Sample Letters to Apology Letter

Apology Letter for a Billing Error

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Apology Letter for Damage Done by Your Child/Pet

Apology letters for damage done by your child/pet seek apology to your neighbor for the inconvenience caused by your child/pet unintentionally. Make amendments for the damage and give assurance of non-repetition.   Example:-   To, <Recipient’s Name> <Recipient’s Address>   Date: (date on which the letter is written)   Subject: Apology Letter for the inconvenience […]

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Apology Letter to Aunt

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