Acknowledgement of a Resignation Letter

This letter is written to acknowledge the resignation of the employee and a smooth exit of the employee from the organization. After receiving the resignation letter from the employee, the organization must write an acknowledgment letter for resignation thereby stating that the organization has accepted the resignation and it acknowledges the employee for informing the organization in advance.

Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter

This letter is generally written to accept the resignation letter of an employee of a firm or a company to assist the easy exit of that employee. This formal letter is one of the important documents when it comes to the completion procedure of an employee’s departure. A letter of resignation is written to the employer or the head of the company to announce that the person intends to leave the position that he or she currently held in the office, employment or commission.

Resignation Letter as an important document:

Such letters often take legal consequence to terminate an appointment or employment, as notice under the germane terms of the position; many rendezvous and contractual employments are expiable by independent notice, or prior notice of a precise period of time, with or without any further conditions.

Even an oral notice can be effective sometimes, the effective date or time of cessation must directly be mentioned even if the particular date is unsure, and the probable date must be mentioned, for clarity and official record. In answer, diverse arrangements might be agreed; for example, an earlier date, or improved terms and conditions of appointment upon abandonment of the letter.

As a result, it should be delivered in advance to the fitting administrator or superior of the company or firm. In certain establishments, a notice period for a definite time span must be served by the employee before he or she leaves which is expressed by a contract, implied by the pay interval, or otherwise. Nonetheless, in practice, some resignations can be effective immediately.

A resignation letter must be polite and the employee must be thankful to the employer for letting him or her work in the particular establishment. The letter must also express the pleasure of working under the employer and the rest of his or her official team and the opportunities and experience that he or she gained thereby.  But there is employee who writes more hostile letter may assert claims. An employee must remember that the according to the resignation letter the acceptance letter is achieved. Without the acceptance letter, it is difficult for the employee to join a new job or apply for new positions.   

Acknowledgment of Resignation Letter Writing Tips:

  •    The letter is formal and thus mustn’t be very long. The letter should be very straightforward and should not have any personal comment or statement in it.
  •    The writer must mention the acceptance of resignation in the first stanza itself.
  •    It must be very clear in the letter that the date in which the employee had submitted the resignation letter is the final working day for him or her.
  •    The terms and conditions of the acceptance letter must be mentioned very clearly in the letter and in simple words, the acceptance must be delivered.
  •    The letter must also contain concise feedback to the employee and highlight must be provided regarding the achievements of the employee if he or she has any.
  •    The letter may also mention the provision of reference if the employee has certain good reputation and terms with the management.


Email Format

The email too must be very concise and straightforward. They need not be an additional mention about the qualities that the employee has. But in general, if he or she has achieved something great must be mentioned. The management must clear about the terms and conditions that are associated with the acceptance of the resignation. The email mustn’t contain any flowery language or something impersonal. It should be direct and pertinent to the acceptance.  


Tips and Points

  • It has to be mentioned that the organization has accepted the resignation.
  • It must acknowledge the employee for the service he has given throughout these years.
  • It must appreciate the employee’s notification of resignation to the Company in advance.
  • It should be a formal letter with a personal touch.
  • The tone of the letter should be soft and gentle.
  • Praise the employee for his good work during these years.
  • Use salutation.
  • Re-read the letter to avoid errors.


Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Resignation



<Employer’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

<Address of the Company>


Date: (date on which the letter is written)



<Employee’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

< Address of the Company>


Subject: Acknowledgement of your Resignation Letter


Dear Mr. /Ms. <Employee’s Last Name>,

This is to inform you that I have received your resignation letter and accepted it. The effective date is on 15th of this month, as mentioned in the resignation letter. I appreciate you for being sensible and informing me about your plans in advance.


You have been a hard worker so far and have significantly contributed to the development of the Company. Thank you for the years you have spent with us.

Wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Take care.


Yours sincerely,



<Employer’s Name>


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