Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Resume

Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Resume

Acknowledge Recipient of Resume Letter

An acknowledgment recipient of resume letter is a formal letter written by a representative of a company to an individual who has already applied for a job in the organization. This letter is meant to confirm that the resume has already been received by the organization.

This letter does not guarantee an interview call or a selection preference. This is just a formality which every organization does in order to maintain a professional standard in the market.

Every organization sends a resume letter to candidates who have dropped their CV.  On the other hand, this letter in certain cases may give an idea about the date of the interview and may be about its nature. Apart from this, the letter is just a formal token of appreciation.

In the recent years, these letters are forwarded via – email to every candidate. The digital media has completely transformed the concept of acknowledgment recipient of resume letters.  Now in a lay man’s language organization revert back a reply to the candidate by denoting thanks.

This letter also maintains the image and dignity of the company in the market. It shows that a company is very generous enough to reply to each and every candidate who has applied for a job. A positive brand image gets build up.

This letter has got certain ways by which it can be drafted.  There is a proper presentation which needs to be maintained while wiring this letter.  This letter carries the name and fame of the company.  This letter is always written on a letterhead of the organization.

Let’s highlight few writing tips of this kind of letters

  • The letter should always be short and precise. The main agenda of the letter is to write it in a precise manner and with lucid language.  The letter is written to a mass and therefore easy language should be incorporated.  Being short is another important factor.  It should be very much precise with the main message and nothing else. There should not be any added information drafted in this letter.  Unnecessary content should not be written.
  • One should never highlight things like selection of the interview etc in the letter. Such information is strictly prohibited in these letters.
  • The tone of writing should be very polite and impartial. The letter is meant to convey the information regarding the acceptance of the resume.
  • The communication should be clear– The writing should communicate the message very clearly. There should be absolute clarity in drafting the message

What are the important elements that need to be added in this letter?

Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Resume

The letter carries information in a very precise form. Therefore people drafting the letter should be aware of what to include in it.

  • Date– This is the primary element which should be added at first.  Date carries an important significance in every kind of letter.  On should always put the date properly in the acknowledgment recipient of the resume letter.
  • Subject– The subject should be very simple like ‘acknowledgement recipient of the resume letter’. Nothing more is needed to be added to it.
  • The body of the letter– The body of the letter should be very precise and the information should be relevant to the purpose of the letter. The body informs the candidate that their resume has been received by the organization. Nothing extra information is drafted.
  • A note should always be added that this letter is not a confirmation for the job or for an interview. This is just a note send to every candidate after receiving CV.

When does a company draft an acknowledgment recipient of a resume letter?

This particular letter is drafted only after the candidates have applied for the job opening.   The companies after getting all the application draft a letter to all the candidates.  This drafting of the letter is especially done by the recruitment department of an organization.

The letter is written in a very formal way as said earlier and then is finally send to the candidates via courier.  This is more like a responsibility that an organization carries while the recruitment process is ongoing.

In the recent times, the acknowledgment recipient of resume letters has been transformed into an e-mail. Every organization sends a mail to the candidates who have applied.  The processing of e-mail has become much easier.  It takes less time and is absolutely hassle free.

In the process of recruitment, the company has to undergo various processes.  Drafting of this letter is very important for the company.  It showcases their image and responsibility towards the candidates who are the future employees of the organization.

Drafting of this letter is both important and a necessity. The steps mentioned above are the simple ones to draft this letter. A company should always draft an acknowledgment recipient resume letter for building a good image in the minds of the candidates.

Tips and Points

  • Do not give any unnecessary details.
  • Make it short and precise.
  • Acknowledge the candidate.
  • You can give the details of the interview processes.
  • Do not give any information related to the selection of the applicant, etc.
  • It is always a formal letter.
  • Use salutation.


Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Resume



<Sender’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

<Address of the Company>

Date-(date on which the letter is written)


<Applicant’s Name>

<Applicant’s Address>

Subject: Receipt of Application and Resume

Dear Mr. /Ms. <Applicant’s Last Name>,

We acknowledge the receipt of your resume. We appreciate your keen interest to work at our Company. We have received your resume on 16th of this month and we have sent it to HR.

If you are shortlisted we will definitely call you for the interview rounds.

Please note that you will be notified by an email within this week if your application is forwarded for an interview. Wish you all the best.

Best Regards,



<Sender’s Name>


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