Interview Acceptance Letter

An interview acceptance letter is written by a candidate to a Company that has called him/her for an interview. The interview acceptance letter declares the candidate’s acceptance of attending the job interview on the mentioned date.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to get a job. So when you get a call for an interview, make sure to accept and confirm the invitation by sending an interview acceptance letter. This will let the company know that you are interested for the interview and it will also make a good impression on them. An interview acceptance letter is a letter, which is written by a potential interviewee to a company or organization that has decided to meet him or her for an interview. While interview acceptance letters are ought to be written by the person who is to appear for the interview, the receipt-of-resume letters are typically written by the person who will be interviewing him.

Usually, the interview acceptance letters are very short, containing one paragraph. Unlike other letters such as advice letters, these letters should be extremely brief. The person who is writing the interview acceptance letter should thank the organization for accepting his application for the interview and calling him for an interview. He should also assure them that he will deliver as promised by his credentials.

You should write and send an interview acceptance letter as soon as you get a notice about the interview.  A fast response will show your keenness and sincerity regarding the job.

How to write an interview acceptance letter

  • Remember the interview acceptance letters should be brief and concise. Don’t make the letter too long as the person who will be reading it probably receive many letters daily. Don’t be too grateful for getting the interview call because it may give you a desperate image.
  • Don’t write unnecessary details about your educational qualifications or previous work experiences. Keep in mind that this is not a letter to apply for an interview. This is just a letter to accept their call for the interview. Save the details for later.
  • The letter should be written in a practical and polite manner. Compliment the organisation or the company and also mention that you are really glad to have got the chance of appearing for an interview with them.
  • Conclude the interview acceptance letter by writing a few final words of gratitude for the interview call letter.

The template for an interview acceptance letter

Following are some guidelines you should keep in mind while writing an interview acceptance letter.

  • Subject line: Write the job title and your name in the subject line of the letter. The job title-You name. Remember that the hiring team can set up several interviews at a time. So if you include your name in the subject line of the letter, it becomes easier for him to keep the emails sorted. It is also helpful when the interviewers see your email.
  • The body of the letter: The body of the letter should explain why you are writing the letter. You can begin by saying how glad you are to get the interview call and confirm that you will be appearing for the interview on the scheduled venue and date.
  • Conclusion: You should always thank the recipient of the letter for giving you the opportunity to interview with the organization.
  • Additional information: Ask them whether you need to bring some documents on the day of the interview.


Tips and Points

  • The sender should thank the Company for calling him for interview.
  • Make the letter very short and concise. Do not write one than just one paragraph.
  • Do not give your details in this letter as it is just an acceptance letter.
  • Give nice words about the Company and that you are glad to be called for an interview in this Company.


Sample Interview Acceptance Letter



[Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Address]


Date: [date on which the letter is written]


[Receiver’s Name]


[Name of the Company]

[Address of the Company]


Sub: Interview Acceptance Letter


Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your interview call letter dated 2/07/2014 for the position of Laboratory Assistant, I would like to accept your offer for the same. I am grateful to your Company for considering me a suitable candidate and calling me for an interview.

I assure you of my presence at the interview on 9/07/2014 along with the required documents.


Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,



[Sender’s Name]


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