Acceptance Letter

What Does an Acceptance Letter Mean?

An Acceptance Letter is written to someone to express that you have accepted something offered to you. An Acceptance letter is written to any organizations. Since it is always an official letter, it should always be written in the business format.

Generally, by acceptance letter, we mean Job Acceptance Letter, though it can be used in colleges or any other matters.

What is an Acceptance Letter and why is it important?

A time comes in our life when we are in need of a job or just seek a job change. You give interviews and finally get offered a dream job. The next step that comes now is to accept the job. The best way to send regards to your new employer and make a first impression is to send an Acceptance letter.

The acceptance letter is when you use the medium of written communication to accept a particular position in your new job. To write an acceptance letter is a good habit for a job seeker who has finalized the job that he/she is willing to take up. The first thing it does is to reinforce your professional side. Plus you can document certain key things regarding the new job that can range across your designation, your supervisor, the salary and its break up, and the benefits you would be entitled to.

Let’s say you are not clear regarding certain points being mentioned by your employer in your discussion. The Acceptance Letter provides a platform for you to lay down your doubts and ask your employer to clarify them. The other use case might be when you are not happy with the salary structure and would like to negotiate. Another issue comes up when you are offered ESOPs and you would like to trade for a better in-hand income. The Acceptance Letter can carry all of your suggestions to your employer.

Also, if you are happy with your salary structure, an Acceptance Letter is a way to confirm the same, along with the employment terms, and show some gratitude towards your new employer. Plus, be careful of the commitments that you have stated in your Acceptance letter. They are in writing and will be stuck with you throughout your employment term.

What are the occasions that might demand an Acceptance Letter?

  • Accepting a formal invitation to a social or casual event
  • Accepting a job offer from a reputed organization
  • Accepting a request to serve in a position of honor
  • Accepting a resignation from your workplace
  • Accepting a reward or honor
  • Accepting an invitation to a business discussion
  • Accepting an invitation to speak or perform at some event
  • Accepting and expressing appreciation for a suggestion
  • Declining to accept something
  • Thanking someone for accepting your advice or suggestion

How to write an Acceptance Letter?

Now that you understand how important an Acceptance Letter is, it’s time to know the ideal way to write one.

  1. The first thing that you should always express in an Acceptance letter is to express your gratitude towards your employer in a courteous way. Always be humble and thankful for getting such an opportunity and thank your employer for taking the time out to go through your resume, shortlist you, and take your interview.
  2. Remember to keep the language formal. Your letter should reflect your professional side and would point towards the fact that you would always be cordial and formal with your fellow colleagues, a trait that every employer wants.
  3. Appreciate the interview process. If they have very swift in their responses and helpful, let them know. This portrays an appreciative side to you which is equally important to have along with being professional as this shows that you can be a good leader who cares for his/her people.
  4. Carefully commit to your job responsibilities. Be clear about what you can offer and the responsibilities that you can handle. Do not go overboard and develop false expectations. If you are not well-versed with a responsibility, then let them know the same and mention that you are a fast learner and catch up to it in no time. Show positive and can-do attitude.
  5. Don’t forget to confirm your joining date. In case you will not be able to join on the date provided by them, state the reason for the same and provide an alternative date when you can join.
  6. Mention your introduction and training programs. It’s better to lay down the training/classes you have already taken. This helps when you are changing your job and taking up a job in the same field. Your employer would know that you have expertise in the mentioned areas and will not ask you to take up training sessions to better accustom you with the concepts. This saves time for both the parties and you can directly jump down and get your hands dirty with the real thing.
  7. Quote your yearly remuneration with benefits/perks. Clearly, state that you will expect certain perks as per industry standards.

What is the basic format of an Acceptance Letter?

This brings us to an end of the points to be included and taken care of while drafting an Acceptance Letter. Now let’s deep dive into the basic format that an Acceptance Letter should adhere to. Knowing the basic and widely accepted format of the Acceptance Letter would make it easy for you to write the letter professionally. The basic structure is mentioned below in the right order to be followed:

  • Address of the writer
  • Date
  • Address of the recipient
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Salutation
  • Introduction line followed by the body of the letter
  • Line for gratitude
  • Signature and name

What should be the content of an Acceptance Letter?

For a job acceptance letter, always be careful what you write. We always have this tendency to go overboard and set wrong expectations. We always tend to show more than we can deliver. This is the exact thing that we should try to avoid. Lay down the discussions that you had in your interview and the things that you can offer them. Please make it a point to never bluff in your Acceptance Letter. You can definitely mention the detailed essence of the discussion but it is better to not exaggerate.

The Acceptance Letter is like your backup plan till you do not receive your final Offer Letter. Many times, the final Offer Letter is not in accordance with the discussions that have verbally taken place with your employer or during your interview. The Acceptance letter ensures that nothing goes wrong on the basis of verbal commitment. In case some misunderstanding occurs, the acceptance letter ca always come to your rescue. It’s like having all the facts of a verbal communication noted down for storage.

What other things should be considered while writing an Acceptance Letter?

We mention few other points that you can take care of while writing an Acceptance Letter.

The first 2 sentences of the letter should hold your job acceptance confirmation. Mention that you are thrilled to be a part of such an esteemed organization.

  1. No matter how comfortable you are with the person you are addressing your letter to, remember to make use of official/professional language. Stay away from the friendly or unprofessional tone.
  2. It is better to not get into the organization credentials while writing such letters.
  3. Show your respect towards the organization. Remember, they are the ones who have provided you with your dream job. Be thankful.
  4. Write to the point and in short paragraphs. Do not lengthen the writing with random stuff.
  5. Also, it is ok to show your happiness in landing the job but never go for over excitement. This shows that you were desperate. Not a trait that employers look for.
  6. Portray your eagerness to work with a particular team or staff members.
  7. Be thorough in your writing and avoid grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. This creates bad first impressions.
  8. Avoid shortcuts. No short forms and no social media slangs in an Acceptance Letter.

Why Do We Need an Acceptance Letter?

An Acceptance Letter strengthens your professional approach and creates a healthy relationship between you and the organization or the concerned person.

Also, in an acceptance letter, you may mention a few things that you are concerned about. It also gives you a chance to confirm the details of the salary, benefits, and position of a job.

Acceptance Letter- Do’s and Don’ts


  • Confirm your salary and the position for which you have been selected.
  • Express your gratitude and interest in the job.
  • Use a polite tone and keep the language formal.
  • Mention your joining date.
  • Mention your annual remuneration with perks.
  • Carefully confirm the additional benefits you will be getting.
  • Address the recipient in the right way.


  • Do not use a harsh tone.
  • Do not use complicated words and make the letter genuine and simple.
  • Do not get into organizational credentials while writing.
  • Do not show that you are ecstatic.

Do not make errors as it can create a wrong impression.

Some of The Acceptance Letters Are As Follows:

  • Job Acceptance Letter
  • Interview Acceptance Letter
  • Employment Acceptance Letter
  • College Acceptance Letter

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