Letter of Approval for Industrial Visit

This type of letter seeks permission to visit industry as a part of engineering/diploma colleges’ curriculum.


Sample Example:



<Recipient’s Name>


<Name of the Industry>

<Address of the Industry>


Date: (date on which the letter is written)



<Sender’s Name>


<Name of the institution>

<Address of the institution>


Subject: Permission to visit your esteemed industry.


Respected Sir,

I am seeking approval for the students of Power Technology to take part in an industrial visit to your factory on 19th April 2015. I hope you are aware that it is a part of the engineering curriculum to visit a factory for the practical knowledge of the students. I have chosen your factory to be the appropriate one to visit.

I hope you will provide a tour to your esteemed factory to a class of around 90 students. I and three teachers will be present along with them.


I want to thank you in advance and look forward to visiting your factory.


Yours sincerely,



<Sender’s Name>


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