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A business letter is a simple way of communication which is a written message from one party to another party to express their feeling and condolence, to complain about something, to thank people, etc. If you are writing a business letter it means that there is something important which you want to say and discuss. In order to communicate it effectively, you need to write a professional business letter. Writing a business letter make the reader or the recipient aware that you are professional and you take your work seriously. Make sure that all the points are clear and specific. All the business letter must be written and printed out on the company’s or organization’s letterhead. The name of the company, address of the company with the contact information and email must be printed on top of the page in the center

A business letter is a formal document which has some clear cut rules. Though in such and advance technology email has shadowed the letter writing techniques, but still business letter are greatly used and written for many vital and genuine types of agreement, such as job offers letter, letter of reference, verification of employment, appointment letter, etc.  While you are writing any kind of business letter it is very vital to know that you must close your letter in a professional manner. When you are framing or writing a business letter, it is important to be sure that there should be no grammatical errors or even a minor mistake in your letter.

The different section or part of your letter should match the correct and suitable format that is a business letter. The different part includes the information about the person to whom the letter is written, the name, title, address, city, state, pin code and the contact number too, information of the letter writer, his or her name, address, the name and address of the company, contact information and the email address of the company, etc., the greeting part, body or the main part of the letter under which the reasons are placed or mentioned, the closing format and at the end your signature with a thank you note or regards and importantly the date

When writing a business letter, it becomes a very important and tough task in order to understand and write how to end a business letter. It takes a lot of time to create a perfect business letter that conveys your message and the important points, valid reasons, etc. very clearly and in a professional way or manner. Now it is the time to close the business letter without making any kind of grammatical error or mistake. The business letter has a mixture of meaning depending on the framework or the context in which it is written. There are small and many big organizations which keep functioning together in order to promote the name, brand, image and products of the company and make a powerful place in the business field. Some business letter is written just to wish or greet, some are written in order to fix a meeting and make some important deals, some business letter is written to provide information regarding the company’s aims, objectives, etc. No matter whatever reason is there for writing a business letter, it is very important to put emphasizes on the formats and way of closing the business letter.

There are some important steps and guidelines that must be followed in order to solve the problem and complete your business letter in a professional manner and the vital steps are as follows:-


  • The first step is that you need to start with a conclusion passage where you must include or mention the closing remarks in a professional manner. It is important to be aware that this is the final passage or paragraph in your business letter which gives a clear meaning to the recipient what they need to do and follow.
  • It is important to write a thank you note in the end paragraph. Greet with a thank you note to the person or the individual to whom you are sending the letter. This will help in making a good impression on the reader.
  • As a letter writer, you can also mention your personal contact number and other details in case if the recipient wants to contact you in any case.
  • You can also some simple statements such as you are looking forward or waiting for the reply, looking forward to the scheduled meeting or you are honored to have worked with the recipient, etc. Such statements depend if there is any future meeting or contact that is scheduled to take place.
  • At the end of the business letter use a professional closing statement such as “With Best Regards” or “Thanking You” or “Sincerely”. There are different ways of closing the statements but it depends on choosing the best closing statements or complimentary letter which is best suited for the business letter.
  • Mention your name and the title in the closing statement of the letter. It is suggested that you should not be reliable on your printed or typed name.
  • Read the letter carefully once it is printed or typed and then signed it after proper analyzing or going through it
  • You can add footnote or references if it is needed in order to give some additional information to the reader. Generally, references or footnote is not needed or included in a business letter.
  • Once you have completed all the steps from writing the business letter in a professional way to signing it, make sure to read it again before dispatching it to the recipient. Go through the letter and try to check out for any kind of grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes, etc.
  • It is important to keep a copy of the letter for future use. If you are sending a hard letter then try to keep a Xerox copy of the letter and if you are sending an email then save the email


It is important to remember that you should follow up with a comma. The typed name of the writer will come after the complimentary close. If you are sending a hard copy letter, then you must leave four line gaps between the closing part or the sentence and your typed name. When you get a printout of the letter, you need to sign your name with a black or blue pen in the space between the complimentary close and your typed name. On the other hand, if you are sending an email, you need to leave on e-space between the complimentary close and your signature. You can add your title, contact information, email address, and other important information below your name.


Enter or include your signature below your letter closing, sign your name in a black or blue ink and then include your typed signature below, if it is a physical letter and in an email letter, just enter your typed signature beneath your sendoff.


The closing line of the letters should offer great help for the future. Some important examples are:-

  • Apologies for any inconvenience or miscommunication that have taken place.
  • Please try to give or provide the necessary and important feedbacks and suggestions.
  • I am looking forward to meeting with you again in future.
  • Waiting for your response.
  • I hope to continue working with you and take our business to great heights in future


There are some closing points that must be kept in mind which should be avoided while writing the closing part of the business letter. These are cheers, always; take care, with love, etc. These kinds of words are very informal and it is not appropriate to use such kinds of words in a business letter.


The complimentary closing of the business letter is also an important part. It is important to know as how you can end a business letter after the closing part. There are some important words and its proper implication to make the complimentary part perfect such as use the words “respectful” or “yours sincerely” only in the case if you know the recipient is close to you. “With best regards” or “with best wishes” must only be mentioned or written are you personally known the recipient or the recipient is close to you. “Your Sincerely” is only written if you don’t know the person. Such kinds of writing are known as formal and informal complimentary closings. Under the formal complimentary closing section thank you, sincerely, yours sincerely will come. And under the informal complimentary closing section or part best wishes, regards, best regards, etc. will appear.

Ending a business letter in a professional way or manner helps you in establishing the professional skills, integrity, and reliability and this, in turn, boosts your performance and confidence. Though closing of the letter is the last part but it is the most important section or part of the business letter or any letter that will be read by the recipient. Try to end your letter politely and professionally.

Apart from the business letter we also write other kinds of the letter that are unprofessional letters, which we mainly write to our family members, loved ones, friends and relatives, who live far away from us. But this doesn’t mean that you just don’t need to be cautious while writing or drafting such kind of letter. It is as much important to write an informal letter in a correct way and follow the necessary steps and guidelines. In such letter also the closing part is very important and it must be framed properly. The closing part of any letter whether professional or unprofessional must be written in such a way that it must create a positive impression on the reader and can leave a good impression too. While closing your letter you must take help of the professional and respectful words and frame a good sentence. The kind of relationship that you are sharing with the person to whom you are writing the letter will also guide and help you to choose a perfect closing sentence.


Yours Respectfully, Best regards, etc.: – Such kinds of words are used only when the letter writer knows the recipient more personally. Framing such kinds of words is only helpful if you have knowledge about the person to whom you are writing the letter.

Regards, yours sincerely or truly, etc. – These types of powerful words are mostly used in a formal business letter closing part or section. Such words are a positive and excellent way to close a professional letter. Such words are also used in a letter of inquiry and cover letter, etc.

Warm Regards, Best Wishes, and With Appreciation – Such letter closings are relevant and useful if the writer has some kind of information or connection with the recipient or the reader to whom the letter is written. These words should only be used if it is related to the content of the letter.

There are other letters closing examples such as best, kind regards, many thanks, regards, cordially yours, respectfully yours, thanks, thank you, warm regards, warm wishes, yours faithfully, etc.

When you are about to end your letter make sure to select a letter closing that is relevant and important to the topic of your letter and the kind of relationship that you are sharing with the reader or the recipient.


If you are writing a letter it means that there is something you want to say and share and it is vital for you that you must communicate in an efficient and effective manner. The closing part of any letter is an important section in the whole communication. Ending the letter professionally help the writer to establish a great platform for himself in the e-letter writing field. The closing of the letter is the most vital part that will remain in the mind of the reader. Closing the letter in an unprofessional way can create a negative impact on the reader.


In some type of letters such as the business letter and cover letters, the writers need to follow some specific rules and formats and guidelines, for the closing down the letter. The final paragraph or the passage of the business letter must include, the way in which you loved to be contacted, the messages that you are expecting to receive, etc. It is also important to include a polite ending in which the writer needs to thank the recipient for taking out time to read the letter. You can also wish the reader for his or her success and achievements, etc. and you can also mention that you can discuss the important matters and issues by the different means of communication


The letter closing part or the section is the word or phrase or the sentence that is typed after the body part of the letter is completed. It is important to keep in mind that the closing part is always followed by a comma, depending on the type of business letter and the content of the letter you are writing. You can easily select the different type of professional greetings such as Regards, Sincerely, etc. If you are requesting something in the letter or making some appeal or want some help then writing “Thank You” is a great choice. It is the way of showing the respect to the recipient.


As mentioned above put your signature below your letter closing, sign your name in a black or blue ink and then include your typed signature below, if it is a physical letter and in an email letter, just enter your typed signature beneath your sendoff. This will show the recipient or the reader that you have worked hard in writing the letter in a professional manner and you have gone through each and every step and took close look on the important formats while writing the business letter. The reader will also come to know that you have gone through the letter or reviewed the letter personally as in most of the case the letter is written by a secretary. It is also important to note that you can’t sign the entire letter because many organizations and the human resource departments want that the business letter and the cover letter must be submitted through the new electronic system. In such a situation you can just write your name at the end of the letter.


After completing all the step of writing the business letter and signing it, comes your typed name which is purse by your name or title in the next line of the letter. You can also give or provide your contact information, mailing address, the address of the company, etc. at the closing point of the letter. It is important to mention all these things in a business letter which is written or addressed to those whom you don’t know or have never met in your life. You just spoke top them over a phone or communicated with them through emails. This is helpful for the reader to reply you back if in the case the reader misplaces the envelope. Finally, at the end of the letter write “Enclosure” and mention what the enclosure is so that the reader gets a clear idea.



The cover letter is a written document that is submitted with the job seeker. It contains additional information such as the skills and abilities of the applicant for the job opening position. At the end of the cover letter, the job seeker or the applicant must mention that he is waiting for the invitation or call for an interview. Some common examples in the last lines or the concluding lines of the cover letter are regards, thanking you, respectfully yours, with anticipation, etc.


You can use informal words for ending your personal letter that you write to your friends, relatives and family members who are not residing or living with you. The words which include in such kinds of the letter are, later on, talk to you later, enjoy, see you on, yours, see you soon, etc.


In a thank, you letter you can repeat the word thank you at the end of your letter. Ask the reader to be free and comfortable and contact you for any kind of help and guidance or assistances. Use the following words such as thanks, very truly, warmest regards, thanks for your time, with much appreciation, thank you again, yours faithfully, etc. depending on the content of your letter, the situation, and type of your letter.

Writing a professional business letter is a very important part of the process of communication in a business setting. Written communication is very effective than oral communication because it helps in developing the skills and abilities that are required in framing a business letter. It is important to understand the proper business closing letter or any closing letter format and the different parts of the letters. A business letter is more formal and important than the other kinds of letter and the other business communication process such as text messages, emails, communicating through different social media platforms, etc. It is important to know the recipient so that the format and tone of the words and sentences that you are using in framing the letter must be professional in nature if it is a business letter. When writing any kind of letter you should keep in mind that the reader will hardly spend his important time in reading down the whole letter and they will only search for the important points that are related to them. Try to write clearly and up to the point in order to make it easy and comfortable for the reader. The closing part should be written in such a way or manner that though the reader has just read your letter casually, it leaves a great impact on him later.