Leave Application Letter

Leave Application Letter

A leave application letter is a formal letter written to a senior official requesting him to grant leave for a certain period of time mentioning any specific reason. The letter should convince the senior officer so that the leave is considered for that particular time. Many get terrified while composing the leave application to the manager. In any case, written work leave letter application is not a major ordeal it’s simple and basic.

In the event that a man can’t play out his obligations for a stipulated timeframe, he should compose a leave application for the same. The way toward composing a leave letter begins from the school itself. Through this letter, he is advising the concerned individual the reason of his nonappearance in an official way. The procedure is considered be an expert one in a corporate culture.

Points to focus on while writing a leave application

  1. Date

Say the application date on the leave letter. At whatever point you need leave give the leave letter application ahead of time. So that your supervisor gets an opportunity to alter the work till you are in office and can let others likewise know your nonappearance and the employment duties.

  1. Regard

Like whatever other application begin the leave letter with Dear Sir or Dear Madam or else compose the title of the individual.

  1. Specify the reason for the letter

Before perusing the letter the concerned individual ought to know the purpose of the letter. Specify the reason for the letter, you can compose as Application for leave.

  1. Reason

Give a substantial purpose behind the leave. On the off chance that you need to leave for marriage, medicinal reasons, work, any occasion, crises, taking some time off or for whatever other individual reasons compose the reason in leave letter application. For crisis or occasion like marriage, your supervisor may authorize more leave. In the event that in the center of any venture or errand you apply for the leave give nitty gritty clarification why you require the leave and why you should be there. Your supervisor will comprehend you.

  1. Number of days leave required

Unmistakably say the day from when you require the surrender and over to which day. Likewise, attempt to say the continuing date with the goal that they don’t get befuddled or expect the wrong date.

  1. Handover of the occupation

Handover your business to your associate or some other concerned individual. Clarify them the obligations they need to do in your nonattendance. Specify whom you have handover the employment till your leave in your leave application. Clarify the status of your venture or errand.

  1. Prior Leave

In the event that you are withdrawing after quite a while or you have not withdrawn in the entire year please say it in the leave letter application. Your manager will know how unfaltering you are in your employment.

Types of leave of absence provided in India

  • Earned Leave: Leave of nonappearance which is earned by the worker by dint of time of obligation in administration yet generally attributed ahead of time to the leave account in two portions for each year at a rate 2.5 days for every month (30 days for every year).
  • Half Pay Leave: All Government workers are qualified for 20 days of HPL for each finished year of administration with a wide range of benefited leaves incorporated into the concerned year. These leaves get gathered, if not benefited unbounded and credited ahead of time in two portions for every year. They are the premise of estimation of drove leave accessible to the representative after fruition of one year of administration.
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Think about Leave: Maximum 03 years accessible after finishing of no less than 05 years of the administration.
  • Additional Ordinary Leave: Leave when no pay is to be given to the worker since he will or was truant. This leave is allowed to regularize unexplained nonattendance coming about into stopping of administration or can be picked by a worker when he needs a severe and requires significant investment from obligation.
  • Easygoing Leave: This leave is not entirely a leave in light of the fact that the representative is thought to be on obligation and mindful.
  • Youngster Care Leave
  • Healing facility Leave
  • Getaway Department Staff Leave: Employees who work in divisions where yearly occasional excursion is permissible can’t gain clear out. Different leaves are material.
  • Extraordinary Disability Leave
  • Tyke Adoption Leave

Leave Letter to Boss

Leave letter application is a formal method for asking for the leave. Presently a day’s many organizations have the mechanized leave application design.

Where you need to simply compose your subtle elements in the clear places and sign the application and submit it. Leave letter application indicates polished skill and your dependability towards the occupation.

Withdrawing without a leave letter application resembles placing everyone in a bad position. Your leave letter application lets the supervisor comprehends your criticalness for the leave, days of your nonattendance additionally your manager attempt to deal with the workplace work with you. Indeed, even your associates get educated ahead of time and don’t stall out in the center of vital assignment in your nonattendance. Your Leave application ought to be clear, basic and reasonable. On the off chance that your organization doesn’t have the arrangements take after our tips on the most proficient method to compose a leave letter for occupation.

Sample of Leave Application

Robert D Costa

Right-hand Manager



(Date on which letter is composed)


Mr. Samuel Thomson

HR Manager


Sub: leave application

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I, therefore, might want to illuminate you that my specialist has exhorted me to take finish bed rest due to high fever and constant migraine. I am composing this application to fill in as an official report supporting my clears out. I would be exceptionally thankful to you on the off chance that you consider my application and concede me leave for one week beginning from twentieth August. I am encasing my medicinal reports for your reference.

I have disclosed everything to my colleague with respect to the present venture and I am certain that he can deal with the venture well in my nonattendance. I will continue my obligations on 28th August. I seek that will allow my leave after the previously mentioned days.

Expressing gratitude toward you,

Yours earnestly,


Robert D Costa

Tips and Points:


  • The tone of the letter should be polite.
  • In the case of a marriage leave letter, it is better to attach the marriage invitation card along with the leave letter, if possible.
  • The content of the letter should address the senior employer in an appealing

Types of Leave Application Letters:


There can be a number of reasons related to a person taking leave from his/her organizations for a certain time interval. Some of the points are jot down as under.

  • Marriage Leave Application Letter
  • Leave Application Letter Due To Health Issues
  • Leave Application Letter For Vacation
  • Leave Application Letter For Internships
  • Leave Application Letter Requesting Study Leave, etc.

Sample Leave Application Letters


How to write a leave Application Letter?



Sender’s Name,


Address of the Sender

Contact information (Sender)

Date (date of writing the letter)


Receiver’s Name,


XYZ Inc. (Name of the Company)

Address of the Company

Sub: Leave request letter

Dear (Receiver’s Name),

I would like to inform you, that I have been diagnosed last week with a serious health problem. The doctor has advised me to stay away from work and take complete bed rest for a few days. I am writing this application letter on behalf of my leaves. Also, I am enclosing a photocopy of my medical reports as a proof of my said reason. I will be highly obliged if you consider my application and grant me leave from 5th July to 15th July. I will be joining back to work from 16th July.

I have explained everything to the team leader, John Taylor so that he can handle my work efficiently. He can take this responsibility as he has taken before and manage everything pretty well. I hope no problem will arise in my absence.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



Sender’s Name

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