Job Appreciation Letter

A job appreciation letter is written by an employer to an employee to appreciate the employee who has benefitted the company and proved to be a valuable resource. Appreciation letters make the employee feel special and boost up his confidence regarding the job.


Tips and Points


  • Always make the letter short and concise.
  • Give the reason for appreciation and how the person is beneficial to the organization.
  • Mention your happiness of working with such a person.
  • Frame the letter so as to step-up the confidence of the employee.
  • You can attach a small gift or increase the salary as a mark of appreciation.


Sample Job Appreciation Letter


How to write a Job Appreciation Letter to a Proficient Employee?



<Employee’s Name>

<Employee’s Address>


Date: (date of writing the letter)



<Sender’s Name>


<Name of the Company>

<Address of the Company>


Sub: Letter of Appreciation for Good Work.


Dear <Employee’s Name>,


It gives me a great pleasure to bring your kind attention that your persistent effort has benefitted our Company beyond your imagination. Our Company is a globally recognized organization today and it has been possible due to your continuous effort for the past few years. You have proved yourself to be a valuable resource for our Company. Also, the other employees enjoy working with you and you have inspired your co-workers.

As an extraordinary performer, your salary has been increased by $1500.

Keep up the good work.


Yours Faithfully,



<Sender’s Name>


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