Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter

A job application letter is written to apply for any job offerings. It must highlight the qualities and abilities of the applied candidates so that the chance of getting the job is accelerated.

An application for employment or job application that generally includes a form or collection of forms that an individual who is seeking employment has to fill out as part of the process of informing the employer of his or her availability and desire to be employed. Through the form, the applicant also persuades the employer to offer the job.

Job applications are filled up by job seekers who are applying for several jobs. A job application letter should be such that the designation of the person is mentioned. The application form provides an impression about the applicant. It is mandatory to fill the form carefully before dropping it at the office or organization as the applicant is judged on the basis of the form provided.

What are the several sections of Application?

Generally, applications ask the applicant at the minimum information about them; which includes their name, phone number, and address. Along with the basic information, the applications also ask for the applicant’s previous employment information, educational backdrop, crisis contacts, suggestions, as well as any unique skills the applicant might have.

There are three categories in the application forms that are very useful for the candidate as through them the employer discovers about the physical characteristics, experience, and socio-environmental factors. Along with all these, the applicant must also provide a photograph of him or her so that the identification becomes easy.

  • Physical characteristics

If the company has an authentic occupational qualification to ask regarding a physical circumstance, they might ask questions regarding it. If one is applying for a job that needs more physical strength or requires a lot of physical labor, you might be asked to provide proof regarding your healthy state of physique.

  • Experience

Experience is one of the key necessities in a job. This requirement can be further divided into two distinct sections on an application:

  1. Work experience: Work experience is important for the new companies where the applicant has applied because it will inform them whether the applicant meets their requirements or not. Certain companies prefer employees to have a minimum work experience other prefers fresher. Also, companies are interested when and where the applicant was previously working and he or she left it.
  1. Educational background:  Educational background is important as it declares if the person is qualified for the post or not. It helps the company to evaluate the applicants’ performance in educational institutions and the intelligence level of the applicant.
  • Socio-environmental qualifications

 There are several companies that are interested in the applicant’s social environment as it provides them with the information about the personality, interests, and qualities of the applicant. A clear picture about how active within an organization the applicant can be. This quality demonstrates the applicant’s ability to communicate with his or her teammates and also with others in the office premises and outside. If an applicant has applied for a post in management, this helps to learn about their leadership ability as well as their determination and presence of mind to manage any situation.

  • Photograph

Photograph of an individual is the basic proof that is required by the company to know how authentic the candidate is. Thus along with several other documents, it is important for the candidate to provide his or her picture in the application forms so that the authorities do not find any difficulty in recognizing the applicant. A recent photograph also avoids certain risks; for example, if a person is missing and the authorities are questioned they would be benefitted if they have a picture. Also, this helps a company to know if the person has any criminal backgrounds as they can cross check it with the other verifications that the person provides.

How to write an application form?

Job application form must be very formal and should provide the adequate information that is necessary. There are certain tips to write an application letter formally:

  •    When an applicant writes an informal letter, the words and phrases should be carefully chosen by them.
  •    The language that the applicant uses must be very simple and easy to understand yet attractive.
  •    The applicant must always remember that informal letters should be short and straightforward as the employer would not be interested in long letters.

There are also application form templates that can be downloaded by the applicant and fill up the necessary spaces and submit it to the desired authorities or companies.

There is also an e-mail format of filling the application form. There is a particular format when the applicant submits an application form through email. Job seekers fill up the application form whenever there is a vacancy. They must note down all that is required for the post, they must know if they fulfill the qualities and requirements that re-mentioned. The candidate must not forward a resume that is inappropriate and should have a clear understanding about the post that he or she is applying for.

Types of Job Application Letters

Type I: Application which includes the details of Resume

This type contains the particulars in the application itself without a bio-data attached to it.

Type II: Application with Separate Resume

This type contains the bio-data separately made along with the application letter.

You can choose to write anyone of them according to your requirement.



Sample Letter

 How to write a Job Application Letter


Employer’s Name,

Address of Employer



Employee’s Name,

Address of Employee


Date: (Date of writing letter)

Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to your advertisement in ‘The Telegraph’ dated September 5, 2015, I would like to apply for the same.

At present, I am working in The United Company, Bangalore, as an Office Assistant for about 3 years but I feel that your job is more relevant to my profile. I am looking forward for a job which provides a space for my career to grow and prosper. I have done a course separately after passing my graduation in the desired profile. I think I can well implement it and benefit your company. Hope to get an early interview call.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


(Signature) [for hard copy letter]

Name of employee



Tips and Points:


  • A job application letter should mention your strengths, abilities and experiences.
  • Make it appealing to the reader so that it increases your possibility of getting the job.
  • Do not request but make it convincing and show that hiring you will benefit the company.
  • Elaborate the points given in your resume.



NOTE:- There are two types of Job Application Letters.

  • One containing the particulars in the application itself without bio-data.
  • One containing a bio-data separately made.

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