Appreciation Letter To Neighbor

The people in our society where we live are our neighbors. Good neighbors always help us and become a part of our family. You can always send a letter of appreciation to your neighbor as a mark of gratitude concerning an issue.


Tips and Points


  • You can always start the letter mentioning the day when you first met your neighbor.
  • It is not necessary to include the address of both the parties.
  • Give the reason for appreciation.
  • It should always be an informal letter.
  • Express how thankful you are to get a neighbor like this.
  • Make it very short and brief. Try to complete it within 1-2 paragraphs.
  • The letter should reflect a close relationship between the sender and the recipient.


 Sample Appreciation Letter to Neighbor


        How to write an Appreciation Letter to a Good Neighbor?


Dear <Receiver’s Name>,

You have been my neighbor for a few years now. And I must say that it seems like I know you for ages. It is due to the succoring you have shown by keeping my kids after their school until the time I returned from office. The love and affection you paid to my kids are unforgettable. I am fortunate enough to get a wonderful neighbor like you and I heartily pray to God for our lasting bond. I am sending a hand-made card that my kids have created for you as a symbol of endearment.


It will be a privilege for me if I can help you regarding any matter in future. Please feel free to ask for any sort of assistance if needed.


Best wishes,

Sender’s Name and kids

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