Appreciation Letter to Friend

 An appreciation letter to a friend appreciates his/her good work and is always written in an informal way.

Appreciation letters, in general, increases the bond between two individuals. But friends have always a special place in someone’s life. So, we can always write an appreciation letter to a close friend.

Appreciation letter  to a friend

The best relationship which survives till ages is friendship. This is something which cannot be ignored at any point.  A friend is the most vital part of an individual’s life.  Here, we will be talking about the concept of sending an appreciation letter to a friend due to various reasons.

Appreciation is something which should be given to every person for his or her help.  Sending a letter of appreciation to a friend is something which cannot be ignored.   This helps in creating a better bond with time.

Help from a friend is not really much unknown. Every relationship should have that approach of helping each other. But what is not really constant is giving appreciation for the help.  We overlook this particular thing. It is essential to appreciate a person for his or her contribution to anything. This appreciation helps in making the bond stronger.

Sending a letter to a friend is an old school of thought.  But the emotion which it carries matters a lot.  Not only for the sake of saying thanks but it also helps to create a better bond between the two individuals.

This kind of letter is solely informal and has no such definite pattern. When you are writing to a friend then you should not follow any restrictions. An appreciation letter to a friend can be framed in any manner. It should only carry the emotions which only a friend may realize.

Why do you actually write an appreciation letter to a friend?

A friend may help you at various steps in life. That particular help comes unconditionally.  At the end when you have achieved the success at work it is very necessary to give thanks to a person who has been a part of your success.  This letter is meant out of courtesy.  Every person should frame a letter of appreciation for a friend.

Writing tips for the letter of appreciation

As said earlier that this letter has no such formal way to frame.  Writing a letter to a friend has no such restrictions. Let’s highlight certain interesting tips on writing this kind of letter.

Free words and informal pattern– This is an essential feature of such letter. This letter should be written by using free words and should follow an informal pattern.  The entire framing should be very casual. Free words are used to highlight the personal relationship between the two individual.   A letter of appreciation to a friend should consist of innumerable free words so that it serves the purpose.  The informal pattern is another highlight of this letter.  The pattern of writing should be very casual.  There is no such need to write in paragraphs or put proper punctuations.  The entire letter can be unstructured but it should always carry the emotional bonding in it.

Simple words– Expressions do not need heavy words. Such letters are best with the use of simple words.  Heavy expressions and complicated language can actually distort the expression hidden within an appreciation letter to a friend. Simple words are the best to use while writing this letter.  Every person framing this letter to his or her friend should remember that light expressions carry a huge amount of innocence.  Simple words are also easy to write.  Every individual should use simple languages to make an appreciation letter better in its approach.

No such word limits– There is a no word limit in writing informal letters.  A friend while writing this particular letter should not depend upon any word limit. You have the freedom to write as much as you are willing to. Expression matters the most in such letters.  Use as many pages you want to frame this letter.  More Words will enhance the beauty and the inner message of this letter.

Appreciation letter to a friend through e-mail

In the contemporary age, letter writing has been transformed to e-mail.  This is the most innovative process to deliver a letter of appreciation.  E-mail is the most preferred vehicle that people use for communication.  Writing a letter is a lengthy process and in compare to that e-mail serves the entire purpose within a very short period of time.

The writing pattern in an e-mail also remains the same apart from certain changes. There are certain technical methods that a writer should follow while shooting an e-mail in such situation.

  • While e-mailing a letter it is very important to put the correct address of the friend.
  • A subject line is a necessity while writing an e-mail. Even a letter of appreciation needs a proper subject line in order to make a better presentation.

These two are the essential features that are mostly highlighted while writing a letter of appreciation via email to a friend.

It is not really a compulsion to appreciate a friend for his support, but at certain times you should indulge yourself in writing such letters just to make the other person feel good about it.

Tips and Points

  • Begin the letter by making your friend feel that they have a special place in your heart.
  • Appreciate your friend in a very informal
  • Express your joy and happiness in doing the same.
  • Write the letter in a very polite tone with a personal touch.
  • You can also enclose a flower or any other gift as a symbol of appreciation.

 Sample Letter of Appreciation to Friend

How to write a Letter of Appreciation concerning a friend?



<Friend’s Name>

<Friend’s Address>

Date: (Date on which the letter is written)


<You’re Name>

<You’re Address>

Sub: Token of appreciation

Dear <Friend’s Name>,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. We have been friends for about half of our lives till now, and you have been always there beside me during my hard times. Thank you for understanding me and bearing me all these days. There is a saying “When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit beside you in the dark” I must say that you fit into it. You were always there beside me showing me the light. Though there are uncountable reasons of thanking an empathetic friend like you, I am really filled with gratitude for what you have done in the last month for getting me a prestigious job like this.

Your reference and your effort got me into this. I will remain indebted to you. You have done more than a friend can do.

I am sending a flower bouquet along with this letter. Please accept it as a symbol of our everlasting friendship, love, and respect. Take care.

Yours lovingly,

<You’re Name>

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