Apology Letter to Aunt

People share a close relationship with their aunt. It is said that there is blood relation between you and your aunt. Aunts always love and care for you unconditionally and it is always necessary to give the same thing to them in return. Sometimes, we make faults and mistakes that hurt our elders. If it is your aunt, then you should always write an apology letter mentioning your fault and seeking apology to her. A sorry letter to your aunt will definitely bring a smile to her face.


It is important to mention in the letter that you will not repeat the same mistake again and disappoint her in future.





<Aunt’s Name>

<Aunt’s Address>


Date: (date on which the letter is written)


Dear Aunt <Aunt’s First Name>,

I write this letter to seek your forgiveness for what I have done last day. I was messed up with my work and when you asked me my mobile for making a call, I said you something that I was not supposed to say. I apologize for saying you something rude and not realizing that it might hurt you. Since you already know I share everything with you and love you next to my Mom, I am feeling very bad from yesterday to talk to you in that tone.


I promise that I will not repeat the same mistake in future. As you have taught me from childhood “Keep your work separate from your personal life and do not mingle it”, I assure you I will follow this from today.

I am really sorry for yesterday. Hope you will forgive me. Love you.


Yours truly,

<Sender’s Name>

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