Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement Letter
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What do you mean by an Acknowledgement Letter?

An acknowledgement letter is a type of a letter which is written to recognize someone’s efforts towards a particular objective. This letter can be issued by an individual or a group or may be an organization. Acknowledgement letters are mainly formal and short and are used mostly for legal purposes.  In short, it is a written, or a printed document addressed to a person or a company for recognitions of another’s authority, existence, right or validity.  Let’s make this definition clear by adjoining an example- Whenever a person or an organization receives any kind of business documents from another party it becomes important and mandatory to send a letter of acknowledgement in return. This makes the entire communication clear and effective.

As soon as the company receives a parcel or a document from the client or any other source it should address a letter by incorporating some valid points and of course be sending a token of appreciation.  The most important part of the letter is the use of tone in writing. The letter should be written in a very polite tone to maintain a cordial relationship.

Why do we need an Acknowledgement Letter?

Sometimes it is necessary to write an acknowledgment letter because it can lift up someone’s confidence and spirit. For example, a team has worked hard and given their best to achieve something but unfortunately, their effort goes to vain. They have not achieved their goal in the first attempt. Here, an acknowledgement letter from someone superior can bring back their confidence.

Well, the need of acknowledgement letter is endless. In every organization or at a personal level this letter is necessary to send a vote of thanks. In the recent times, there have been various vehicles of communication to acknowledge a person or the client. Yet a formal letter is necessary at the certain point of time.

Let’s discuss this on the basis of a company. A company may have received a huge amount of consignment from a client.  At that point of time, it is essential for the organization to send a letter of acknowledgement to the client.

This is pure work ethics that should be maintained, and along with this a relationship also gets build up.  The letter should only carry a vote of thanks.

Proper communication is a necessary factor to maintain every kind of relationship. The acknowledgement letter is meant to build a proper communication network among both the parties.  This is important for further work.

There have been various cases where no such proper letter has been send.  The situation creates a very negative impact in the mind of the client.

Who frames an acknowledgement letter?

In every organization, there is a department which works only for communication purpose. The corporate communication has been established to maintain a great network of communication with both customers and clients.

Whether it is feedback or promotion or even the acknowledgement letter, everything is framed by the corporate communication department.  The people working in the department maintain a proper relationship with every outsider involved with the company.

This department already has the list of clients which the company serves. Every contact details are given to them for the communication purpose.

Communication is the primary need of an organization to establish a healthy business in the market.  Be it client or the customers; a proper communication roadway should be built to enhance the image and the reputation of the organization.

Press Release, Annual report, Advertisement and even acknowledgement letter are some of the essential communication vehicles which should be executed at a given time.

Now let’s draft a final conclusion on acknowledgement letter. As said earlier that this letter is very important to maintain client relationship.  In an organization, the vote of thanks is always placed in this manner.

 If you are running a business and have to deal with clients, then always remember to draft an acknowledgement letter for enhancing the relationship.

Nothing excess should be drafted in this letter. Just appreciate the fact that your client has sent the delivery on time and for this, you are just acknowledging him.  Be very polite with your approach so that nothing can distort the client relationship.

An acknowledgement letter is also considered to be an official document.  Based on this the company can approach the clients for further projects.

In order to run a business, it is always necessary to maintain a good relationship with every people in the market. The acknowledgement letter is an important aspect of a healthy relationship with the client.

Every organization should draft a letter of acknowledgement to the client. This is the basic element that needs to be used in maintaining a proper client relationship.  An acknowledgement letter is a necessity in every organization.

Planning for an Acknowledgement Letter

Planning for an Acknowledgement Letter

An acknowledgement letter has certain ways by which it can be framed.  The framing of the letter is very important in order to enhance the image of organizatio

A proper outline is needed

It is mandatory to create a proper outline before drafting an acknowledgement letter. Creating outline depends on the purpose of the letter. Suppose a person is framing a letter of acknowledgement related to products of a company then he should have all the related documents that may be required to input information.  This outline is based on reference information which will make the letter concrete and effective.  Every person should frame a proper outline before drafting this letter.

A rough draft is needed

Before preparing the final document a rough draft is very important.  In this, a person can write anything that comes to his mind.  Over here the correction takes place for the final letter. Every minor edit can be done in the rough draft.  A rough draft is prepared to assemble all the information and then edit it according to the need.  A proper rough draft is indeed needed for the final letter.

Addressing it to the concerned person

The letter should be addressed properly to the concerned person. It is mandatory to address a particular person and not to a department of an organization. This will create a better impact which is the basic need for a letter of this kind.

Keep it short and simple

An acknowledgement letter should never carry a huge pile of information. The main agenda of the letter is to be short with information and simple in understanding. A person framing the letter should use very precise information and frame the sentence in a very lucid style so that there are no such obstacles in the flow of communication.

Proofreading is very essential

 Before sending the final letter to the concerned person, it is very important to do a proofreading. It is mainly done to rectify the different errors like grammatical errors, spelling errors and even sentence formation. Proofreading is very essential for a proper presentation. The proofreading should be done by a person who has got a good command over the language. There may be some errors in the document, and therefore it is very important to rectify.

Information should be accurate

Nevertheless, in every acknowledgement letter, the information that is given should be accurate. There should never be any such discrepancy in this case. Accurate information is an essential factor needed in an acknowledgement.

This particular letter is mainly served as a token of appreciation. Every organization sends an acknowledgement letter to its clients for maintaining a healthy relationship and also to carry certain professional decorum.

Now, an acknowledgement has got certain styles which should be adopted by every individual penning down the letter.

 An acknowledgement letter is meant to make a relationship better in the course of time. It is mainly written for business communication. An acknowledgement should only accompany simple thanks or acknowledgement.  There should be no extra details which may fade out the importance of the letter.

7 C’s of An Acknowledgement Letter

7 C’s of An Acknowledgement Letter

An acknowledgement letter should follow the 7c’s of communication before it is sent.  The letter should be

1. Clear: The message should be very clear in an acknowledgement letter. There should be no miscommunication from both the parties.

2. Concise:  Be concise with your letter of acknowledgement.  There should be no extra details added.  A person should be very particular while writing the content of this letter.

3. Concrete: If the message in the letter is concrete then it will be easy for the person to go through it. The information should be properly given, and not even a slightest exaggeration is needed in such letters.

4. Correct: The content of the letter should be correct. There should not be any false information which may misguide the person to whom it is sent.

5. Coherent: The message should be coherent in nature. Though it’s like a vote of thanks yet the approach should be very logical and proper. There should be no irrelevant writing in the letter.

6. Complete: The content in the letter should be complete. There should be no drafting of incomplete message. This is another important aspect of the proper presentation.

7. Courteous: It should be courteous.  There should be no hidden insult or rough tone in writing. Be very polite with your words.

Some Important Aspects of Acknowledgement Letter

While writing the letter, there are certain things which should be added. It is mandatory to include the date and subject line. This helps for future reference. It also helps in getting a quick response.

Phrases are also an important part of an acknowledgement letter. These phrases should be used while drafting a letter.

  • I am acknowledging the receipt of the following documents that I have received on behalf of my company.
  • If I can assist you in doing some work, then do not hesitate to ring me back.
  • I am writing to inform you that we have accepted your offer on that particular project.
  • I am writing you to confirm our telephone conversation that we had yesterday.
  • Thank you! We have received your return shipment.

Writing rules for framing an acknowledgement letter

It is very important to follow the writing rules while framing an acknowledgement letter. At first, you need to analyze the purpose of writing the letter.  If the purpose is known then the framing becomes very easy.

  • In the upper left side corner, one should always put the date. Then below the date, you should add the name of the recipient and even the name of the organization.
  • Every letter should be addressed with a proper orientation like Dear Sir or Ma’am.
  • The body of the letter should be such that the receiver finds it easy to understand the letter. One should use the font properly.
  • A closing letter is very important in such letters. Ne should end a letter with words like ‘sincerely and then put the name of the person below with the designation.
  • It is always mandatory to check the spellings and any grammatical error.
  • After the letter gets printed, don’t forget to sign it.

In the contemporary age, acknowledgement letter can also be sent Via E-mail.  In this case, the format is a little bit different.  Let’s discuss how to format acknowledgement letter via e-mail.  In this digital sphere, every form of communication is done via e-mail.  Acknowledgement letter via e-mail is also quite popular and better for both the parties.

There is very little difference in framing an acknowledgement letter via e-mail.

  • In an e-mail, a person doesn’t need to add any address or something in the e-mail body. The sender’s ID is already given.
  • The e-mail is much shorter and ever simpler.
  • In an e-mail, the writing patterns also change. One can use certain technical jargons which are known to both the sender and the reviver.

Well apart from there are certain other things which you should also know.  Let’s give you some tips on acknowledgement e-mail replies.

  • It is very important to notify your client that you have gone through the e-mail so that they can work further on the required task.
  • If you want any small or big changes, it is always necessary to notify this to your client. The response should be fast paced so that there is no such communication gap.
  • The client should be informed about various issues or delays that may crop up.

Acknowledgement Letter- Do’s and Don’ts

Acknowledgement Letter- Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Acknowledge the concerned person or organization.
  2. Give the reason of acknowledgement clearly.
  3. Encourage them for their future attempts.
  4. It can be written as a formal letter or an informal letter depending on the relationship between the two parties.
  5. Tone of the letter should be polite and gentle.
  6. Use salutation if required.
  7. Avoid any kind of errors. Errors can also change the meanings.


  1. Do not make the letter too long.
  2. Do not use complicated words. Use simple and admiring words.

Examples of Some Acknowledgement Letter